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The Dishcloth Shoppe
photos courtesy The Dishcloth Shoppe


Our first giveaway of the week is generously donated by Deon from The Dishcloth Shoppe on Etsy. Deon is a stay-at-home-mom in Tamworth, Canada who loves both using and making crocheted dishcloths. I’m a big dishcloth user myself (they’re my favorite replacement for paper towels), and I couldn’t resist the chance for you to have some of your own! Deon crochets her dishcloths in a variety of colors with 100% cotton yarn. Read on to learn more about Deon and how you can win your own set of crocheted dishcloths:

What inspired you to open the Dishcloth Shoppe on Etsy?

It’s a bit of a long-ish story.
I started noticing about a year ago that our store bought dishcloths weren’t lasting very long. I realized that not only was I wasting money, adding to the landfill and supporting pollution causing big businesses. So, I purchased some cotton and made up some cloths for myself.

I was talking to some friends and started telling them how amazing these cloths were (yes, I’m very modest!). But, in all honesty, they last longer and work better than store bought. After raving to my friends, they asked if I would make some for them, which of course I did. The next thing I know, they’ve told their friends, who are now calling me with orders.

I decided that since they were selling so well just through word of mouth, that I would open a shop online to start selling worldwide. Enter Etsy, which is the absolute best place to find amazing handmade products by incredibly talented artisans.

How long have you been crocheting? Do you have any other favorite crafts? 

I’ve been crocheting for 35 years. That’s a long time! I am also a beginner quilter, although I don’t often find time to sit at my sewing machine. 

How do you balance mamahood, crafting, and a small business? 

Add to that a home daycare!

I am very strict with my time. I have a schedule that I stick to without fail. If I didn’t, I’d never get anything done! I am lucky in the sense that I can crochet anywhere and everywhere, and trust me, I do. I have my yarn and hook with me wherever I go, and I’ve made several sales that way too!

What are your favorite green-living tips? 

I got my favourite green-living tip from my grandmother, who lived through the Depression and the second World War:

Wash and reuse your sandwich bags and freezer bags. It not only saves a ton of money, but you’re also cutting way down on your what you send to the landfill. Now, my grandmother used to cut the top off her milk bags, wash them and use those for her sandwich bags, which is also a fantastic money and Earth-saving tip. I modified it to sandwich bags, but if you follow her lead, you’d never have to buy another sandwich bag, ever. I also use more containers than freezer bags, and carry a reusable water bottle rather than store bought.

Just a couple of ways that you can save money and the earth at the same time. 🙂

Thanks Deon! It’s awesome to see how women (particularly mamas) around the world care so much about the environment. Now, for the chance to win your dishcloth set of choice from Deon’s shop, here are six different ways you can enter:

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2. Become a follower over on Deon’s blog, Scootchidoo Too.

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Be sure to post in the comments below to receive credit for each of your entries (along with your contact info). The giveaway will close this Thursday night (April 21) and I’ll choose a random winner and announce the news on Friday, April 22–Earth Day!

*giveaway open to all international participants*

Good luck! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s giveaway!