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spring greening series

Spring is in full bloom (for most of us anyway), and with that I’m sure many of you have the urge to open the windows, shake off the dust, and spruce up your homes. And what about all the new produce available at your local grocery store? I can’t wait for those hill country peaches!

But what products are you using to clean your homes? And how do the choices we make at the grocery store affect not only the health of our families, but of our homes, and the environment, as well? Is there a way we can make greener choices while we’re airing out our little nests?

I’m no green expert myself, but there are some simple choices I’ve made in my own home that have already made a big difference. Not only that, but I’m obsessed with reading about all things green. There’s no way I could implement all of the green tips I’ve researched, but I can share some easy ways that you can go green(er) in your own homes, too.

This month here at Maker Mama I’ll be focusing on Spring Greening (while shaking out the dust in my own house between posts!). Each week I’ll take a look at crafty greening with the hopes of helping you improve the health of your home, your family, and the environment. Here’s a little preview of some of the things to come:

  • Week 3–Earth Day Giveaways: I have some fun giveaways in the works that I can’t wait to share with you–and you don’t want to miss out!

I hope you’ll join me for a little spring greening! What area in your life do you look forward to greening up this month?