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crafty boy
I love when my kids ask me, What are we making today, mom?, as if we make something together everyday. Although they do see me working away at something most days, I’m actually not that great at planning crafts with my kids. I’ve bookmarked tons of kids craft ideas on my computer, but unless I specifically plan ahead to make them (2 and 4 year olds don’t have a lot of patience for gathering materials together), we usually just end up winging it.
So yesterday I reached for my wonderful copy of The Colossal Book of Crafts (and it is colossal!). The kids thumbed through the book (which has great hand drawn images with simple directions for each craft) while I put baby Amelia down for her morning nap. The craft they chose was originally called lacy snowflakes (no seasonal bias here), but it soon turned into a ‘fire stick’ (and was eventually used as a fly swatter–no flies were harmed–and a kissing wand). 
crafty wands
This is not a project you’d likely see featured in any kid’s craft roundup, but it got them making something with their own little hands. And it’s been so much fun seeing the progression in their crafting. Sure, there are certainly moments of frustration when glue bottles don’t work instantaneously, but a little reassurance, and they can spend hours making things I never would have thought of! 
crafty hands
And that’s the most fulfilling thing about crafting with my kids–when they venture off to create things  from their own fresh ideas. Like Eleanor, above. You’re supposed to glue popsicle sticks (and eventually pens and scissors) into your coloring book, right?
What kinds of things do you like making together? Have your little ones ever surprised you with creations of their own?