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pink heart bapron
I started off pretty diligent for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge last week, putting in my hour of sewing each day. But I definitely tapered off by the end of the week and didn’t complete as many things as I’d hoped to (not that I can’t sew them any other time). I did manage a few things, though. Like this cute little bapron (bib + apron = bapron). I saw the bapron tutorial over at Craftiness is not Optional, and I knew I had to make some for Amelia! 
Most of the bibs we have for Amelia are too short and fasten on with Velcro which she rips off in two seconds flat. The bapron is a perfect solution! It keeps the mess off her clothes and stays on without having to pull it over her head (babies hate that). 
pink hear bapron
And it just looks cuter than a plain old bib. Often times I leave it on her while she’s crawling around. I sewed both of these up in just a couple of days. It’s the perfect size for using up a fat quarter, and instead of a flannel backing I used an old t-shirt. This will make a great baby gift to have on hand and can be sewn up in boy colors, too.
pajama shorts
I also managed to sew up a pair of pajama shorts for Skyler. I used the same blue and white striped seersucker I used for Liam’s birthday pajamas, only this time I made my own pattern from a pair of Skyler’s shorts.
pajama shorts
I had hoped to make Liam another pair of pajama shorts, but I didn’t quite have the energy. I do have new short patterns for both of them now, and hope to make some summer short.
I also have some new bed sheet dresses I’m working on for the girls, but I’m just waiting on the motivation to finish them up!
Did you take part in the KCWC? Do you have any summer sewing plans?