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Month of Mamas
I have a new series in store for you this month! In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ll be interviewing some of my favorite crafty mamas here on Maker Mama. They’ll be sharing some of their own experiences as creative women and mothers, as well as sharing their advice on finding your own creative outlet.
As a crafty mama of four, I’m often asked how do I “do it all.” With this series I hope to share how we are more alike than different as mamas, and hopefully inspire you to find your own inner crafter, too.
I’ll also be catching up on some of my own making this month and hope to share some of what I’ve been working on with you. I’ll have a new interview each Monday, and we have some pretty amazing mamas to hear from–so don’t miss out–become a fan on Facebook or follow me with Google Friend Connect (you can find the link in my sidebar).

Also, I have to give a big thanks to my friend Becca for letting me borrow her belly for this photo–she’s due to have her third baby this month–my prayers are with you for a safe delivery Becca!