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embroidered handprints
I whipped up some embroidered hand print wall hangings for the important mamas in our family as mother’s day gifts this month. It was a race to the finish, but I managed to get them all done (expect my own), albeit my mom did receive hers a little late (sorry mom!). I found the idea at Mousehouse and loved it! I only included the kid’s hand prints, but was thinking of adding mine and my husband’s when I finally get around to making one for our home.
mother's day
Other than that, our mother’s day was pretty full but simple. Being a Sunday, we had church in the morning and then met with our small church group in the afternoon. We celebrated the mama of the house (oh, yeah–me!) in the evening with a yummy picnic dinner at a nearby park. I really am not a fan of going out to eat on mother’s day–with the crowds and four little ones who can barely sit through a meal at home, it’s just not a relaxing idea. So a picnic (that I didn’t have to plan or pack for) at the park was perfect. The kids got to run and play while Chris and I enjoyed the evening breeze. Of course we didn’t think to take a photo until the kids were all red-faced afterward, but it’s more realistic that way, right?
How did you celebrate the mamas in your life (or what were you treated to)? I love Carrie’s tradition of picking flowers for her family garden at the local nursery; what a sweet simple tradition to start with our own family!