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As I mentioned in my Summer Wish List post, we have three of the kid’s birthdays coming up at the end of summer (and my husband’s this weekend), so I kinda have birthdays on the brain right now. 
I did some brainstorming with the kids this afternoon, and according to Skyler’s eight-year-birthday-party-idea list (so far) we’re going to make fans, flags, masks, and snowflakes (??), tell haunted-house stories, have a baseball cake, chips, watermelon, strawberries, ice cream, and celery with peanut butter on top, and everyone gets to make their own pizza (we actually did that a couple years ago), oh, and there must be a piñata, too. 
And it will all be called Skyler’s Birthday Party of Blast. Yeah. I’m proud of his enthusiasm, and I’m trying to think of how we can turn this all into a successful party, too. I’ve never been huge on themes (although there was Liam’s three-year-old firefighter party), so maybe I should just let go of the reigns for this one, and let him unleash his creativity. However it turns out, I’ll definitely be sharing it here.
I still have Amelia’s first and Eleanor’s third birthdays to plan for. Eleanor’s mentioned a few things, the most consistent of which is having a piñata (it’s actually gone up to two piñatas), but there’s no telling how often she’ll change her mind about everything else between now and September. So, to help me out in the meantime, I’m scouring the web for ideas and posting them to my birthdays Pinterest board (pictured above). Hop on over for some party-planning inspiration. 
And I’d love to hear about your favorite birthday party ideas–so don’t be shy, share your tips or post a link in the comments below!