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soda bottles

We took the kids for a trip to the flea market over the holiday weekend. We haven’t been since last year, it was my husband’s birthday, and we’re weird, so looking for cool old stuff is entertaining to us. It was definitely a little warm and humid in the mid-morning San Antonio sun, but the kids had a great time looking around at everything and we even brought a few things home.
flea market

flea market

There was a collection of vintage mechanical ride-on toys which the kids couldn’t resist climbing all over. The giraffe was my favorite. We also saw a number of old toy fire trucks which we’d love to start collecting (my husband’s a firefighter). Here’s what we brought back with us:


Enamelware tray set, $10.
They’re magnetic and I’m planning on using them as bulletin/marker boards. I originally saw the idea in Martha Stewart’s Tag Sales and Flea Markets and have been on the lookout ever since.

vintage kids books
Vintage children’s books, $4.

I spotted these in a huge stack of books. We love Syd Hoff books (think Danny and the Dinosaur), and we didn’t have these ones yet. And the other two also looked cute.

cast iron
Cast iron skillet, $30.

My husband has been wanting some more cast iron pans (and I’ve been wanting to replace our worn-out non-stick skillets), and we picked this one up $30. A little pricey for a flea market find, but cast irons are generally pretty expensive, and this was a rarely found good-quality brand.
flea market freebies

Baby doll, Hulk pillow, and baseball mitt, $0.

That’s no typo, these three things actually were all free. While I was digging through the stack of kids’ books, my husband was standing next to a stall with an old man who thought our kiddos were sweet, He didn’t have any grandchildren of his own, so he gave the older ones each a little gift. I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen the Hulk to come home with us, but I did give him a good spin in the washer and airing out on the clothesline when we got home.

star wars
Vintage Star Wars AT-AT Walker, $20.

As anyone with boys knows, Star Wars toys are a coveted item. Even more so to grown men. So Chris convinced Skyler to let us get for him as an early birthday present. I haven’t seen Chris playing with it yet, but I’m sure he’ll be playing Star Wars with the boys a time or two when I’m not looking.

star wars

Vintage Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, $20.

And how could we pass up a toy for Liam? There was also an old Millenium Falcon that we passed up, and I’m sure my husband will always regret (he has fond memories of his own as a boy). But maybe we could go back for an early Christmas present?
The kids also each brought a couple dollars from their piggy banks to buy a small toy of their own (before we ended up with the free ones). Overall it was a fun morning, but we were definitely all tuckered out and ready for lunch by the time we left. 
A note to any of you venturing out to the flea market with your little ones: go early and bring snacks, oh, and a stroller is always a plus.
Do you have any favorite flea market finds? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!