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pineapple upside down cake
Okay, so this one doesn’t really count for the party-planning checklist. My husband’s birthday is at the beginning of July, and being a summer birthday, I guess he grew up without a lot of hoopla. So sweet and simple our celebration was. We went to the flea market earlier that morning, and I made Chris’ favorite pineapple upside down cake for after-dinner dessert.
We didn’t have enough candles for years, but we crammed on the ones we did have, and the kids went crazy singing happy birthday (of course). 
birthday card
fire book
Then there were handmade cards and gifts to open. I put together a super-simple scrapbook of Chris’ time at the fire academy, his graduation, and his station. He graduated from the academy a few days after his birthday two years ago, and I thought it would make a good album (plus I’ve been meaning to work on more scrapbooks). 
happy hubby
After getting the kids settled with the babysitter, we went out for a little date…
movie poster
…which included a movie, popcorn, and then a couple drinks at The Friendly Spot afterward. A wonderful evening with my guy. 
Now for those real parties in need of planning…