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It’s important to let your kids know what it’s like being bored. Sometimes even a little every day. I don’t mean completely ignoring them while you eat bon-bons, or feeling their arm and telling them they don’t feel like wood (that’s what my mom did when I complained about being board bored–it drove me nuts!). 
But I do mean stepping back and giving them space to do their own thing.
Like reading a book…
…playing with the toys they already have…
…exploring the world around them…
…or even hanging out with their siblings.
Being a kid is about discovery. If we don’t give them time to just be they won’t learn to appreciate the things they have, or the things you take them to do, or what their own interests are. And you’ll go nuts trying to entertain them at all times. So cut yourself some slack this week and let your little ones spend a little time being bored…I’m sure they’ll quickly find something to do!