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My husband has been doing more and more projects with Skyler out in his shop lately, and after finding Handy Dad by Todd Davis at the library, they were full of ideas.

Like this longboard. Skyler used to have a skateboard that he bought at a garage sale a while back. Of course it broke soon after, but we saved the wheels with the idea of buying a new board. But why not make one, instead?

The book calls for some super-fancy kind of wood to make a super-strong board, but Chris just used what was on hand. Skyler enjoyed sanding it down once it was cut, Chris added the wheels, and voilà, longboard complete.
And here’s the end result. Skyler was originally going to paint it up (and maybe he still will) but he was too eager to start using it.

Of course this was several weeks ago, and the longboard already gets a little less attention now, but Skyler sure was proud of making something with his dad.

And I was proud of my guys for being so creative (and thrifty, of course)!