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eleanor's abcs

I made a little ABC photo book featuring toys and other various objects from around our home. I was originally inspired by lilla a’s I Spy book. I was working like a mad woman to find things to go with each letter but it eventually turned out. I had them printed and just slipped them into a little photo book. I don’t have a picture of the book, but here are some of my favorite letter shots:

letter W

Some of the letters were a little hard to hunt down objects for, so her brother’s Woody doll made it into this one (she loves Toy Story anyway). That’s also her brother’s toy wrench and her daddy’s old watch, but I did get the whales from her raincoat in there!

letters X and Y

And Yoda just makes this picture, how could I leave him out?

love, mama

So, just a little project as I work on teaching Eleanor her letters! What are your favorite alphabet learning activities?