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recycled wind chime
There’s a wonderful cool front that’s swept into San Antonio today, finally taking us out of the triple-digits. We’re enjoying a beautiful breezy day, and I thought it would be perfect to share this little recycled wind chime I made with the kids last week. Here’s what you’ll need:
1. Wire hanger  
2. String or yarn  
3. A handful of tin juice can tops (if you collect them obsessively like I do, it shouldn’t be a problem)
4. A drill (and some safety glasses)
First, you’ll need to drill some holes into your can tops. I found it easiest to drill a hole into a block of scrap wood first and then put the the tin circle on top (do this outside or something so you don’t risk drilling into your kitchen table or anything). 
The kids helped next by cutting out the length of their yarn and stringing them through the holes. I arranged the yarn and tops in order from shortest to longest and tied them onto the hanger. Here’s what you’ll get:
recycled wind chime
Now just hang it up somewhere outside and wait for a breeze! I love their little tinny clatter.