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We celebrated Eleanor’s third birthday last weekend at the local Kiddie Park. It’s basically a mini carnival/amusement park for kids 12 and under, and it’s been around since 1925! Eleanor’s birthday is actually at the beginning of September, but after back-to-back birthdays in August, I was a little pooped. We chose to have her party later in the month (when my in-laws were visiting), and not to have it at home. Here are five reasons you might want to do the same:
1. No pre-cleaning required.
One of the most exhausting parts of having parties at home is getting the house all cleaned up beforehand–and it’s usually left to do until the day of the party! So by the time the party starts we’re already a little worn out. Having the party on location means no cleaning up beforehand.

2. You don’t have to plan any games (unless you want to). 

If you have your party at a park, pool, or someplace that already offers entertainment for your guests, you don’t have to bust your brain thinking about how to ensure everyone’s having fun. With all the rides the Kiddie Park had to offer this was definitely not a problem! We did bring a piñata, however, because it just isn’t a party here in San Antonio without one.


3. You can actually enjoy the party.
I find when I’m throwing a party at home I spend so much time running around making sure everything’s just right (there’s enough food on the table, the drinks are plenty, running any games or activities, etc.) that I don’t get to spend that much time with the birthday boy/girl. Granted, I was still running around quite a bit at the Kiddie Park, but not having any games or activities to run meant I got to spend time riding on the carousel and watching the kids enjoy themselves, too. 


4. It’s easier to keep things simple. 
For our last party at home, I practically killed myself decorating the place up (with the help of my wonderful sister). Plus we invited way more people which meant more food (and 2 1/2 cakes!). I also felt obligated to have more goodies for the kids. Having the party on location was a treat in itself, so I didn’t feel as much pressure to have a bunch of extras for the kids. We also kept the food easy with a morning party–just grapes, carrots, lemonade and a homemade cake (and some goldfish crackers, too).   

 5. Easy clean-up.

There was no need to do dishes (we did use some paper disposables we already had on hand–but with less food we also used less), or clean the floor, or do much of anything else for that matter. We just packed up our stuff and went home and relaxed after the party. 


Don’t get me wrong, we love inviting people to our home for parties (we’ve made some of our favorite family memories during those parties), but it’s definitely nice to get out every once in a while.

What are your family’s favorite party memories? Any favorite party locations outside the home?