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bat in shock
Remember this little guy who visited us last year? Yeah, he must have told his friends about us, because they came in droves this year! 
Okay, so not really. And I would definitely be freaking out if there were that many bats in my house (I was a mess with just one!). The kids have been begging to decorate the house for Halloween, but I really didn’t want to hang up a bunch of witches and ghosts. So when I found this awesome idea by Dana of Made, I knew it would be perfect (and I didn’t have to buy anything!).
I’m also hanging some with fishing line above our front step, but I think I’m good with that being the extent of my decorating for the month. Well, and some pumpkins, of course. And I’m totally dragging my feet about Halloween costumes. But, the kids are excited about dressing up (and getting candy). So although they might not all be handmade (or even new), I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon soon! 
What are your Halloween plans this year?