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spare parts
I recently had the honor of visiting my friend Mary Cantú, founder and director of the local organization Spare Parts, to check out her giant collection of recycled materials that will eventually become supplies for local art teachers and educators. Spare Parts is currently housed in the Henry Ford Academy here in San Antonio, and over the summer Mary did an amazing job at collecting would-be waste from businesses and individuals to distribute to teachers as creative-reuse material for their students.
I donated some of my fabric scrap stash during the summer and was invited back to pick through some of the supplies for myself (yay!) after sharing a creative reuse project of my own. I was completely in my element when I walked into the classroom full of cardboard, styrafoam, frames, paper, buttons, and tons of miscellaneous items that were donated to Mary’s cause. I had a great time wandering around the room keeping an eye out for anything interesting. 
I went home with quite a little load which included some old picture frames, popsicle sticks, buttons, giant rolls of contact paper, an old locker basket (I love those), and–my favorite–four or five file folders stuffed with prints of famous works of art.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with everything I brought home yet, but here are some of my favorite finds:

spare parts
I’ll probably let the kids use some of these for crafting, but I might have to think up some cute clothes to go with a few–like those sweet kitties.
van gogh
mama & baby
I’m sure these will end up framed somewhere, just got to figure out where…
spare parts
And last but not least, some rolls of contact paper. We have this big boring wardrobe in the girls’ room (that came with our house) and I’m thinking of making some cutouts to pretty it up. I found a couple other cute ideas on Pinterest here and here.
Thanks, Mary, for all the work you’re doing with Spare Parts, and inspiring others to bring new life to old materials! For more information and tons of recycled craft ideas, follow Spare Parts on Facebook!