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The drought in Texas has really done a number on our gardening efforts this year. The littlest pecans above are from the tree in our backyard, and the larger ones are from our neighbor’s tree (which hangs over our backyard). His tree got a big soaking when the hose was left on once. I guess we should have been better at watering ours…
Chris and I have only been gardening a couple years now, making our first attempt at growing vegetables last spring. We didn’t have a lot of luck with the heat and lack of rain (we got a couple handfuls of tomatoes before the plants were attacked by spider mites), but the garden’s fairing much better know that we’ve had at least a little rain and more forgiving temperatures.  Our pepper plants were the first sign of hope.

tucking in the seeds

garden hands

garden foot
raised bed

We’ve replanted some carrots, spinach, and lettuce leaves and our onions that dried up over the summer began sprouting again (our carrots didn’t survive the summer heat either). We also bought some new tomato plants which are starting to fruit already.
The kids love getting their hands dirty and helping out in the garden. Amelia (the baby) practically throws herself out of my arms to get down and crawl in the garden beds.

lemon thyme

Our herbs are also doing really well. We have lavendar, rosemary, lemon thyme, parsley, chives, basil, and some newly planted parsley. We also decided to try growing broccoli, but we’ve been having to fight off some little critters.

bad caterpillar
bad caterpillar

We were happy to see our old friends the butterfly caterpillars in the parsley, though. 
good caterpillar

They can eat off quite a bit, but we’ve only seen two of them, and we have plenty of parsley, anyway.
good caterpillar
This one has joined us inside so we can watch as he transforms. I’m hoping we’ll have better luck with the garden this fall. It’s still quite the learning experience for us despite the weather. Our gardening philosophy is to just give it a try and see what happens (and cram as much into our little garden beds as possible!). What’s going on in your garden this fall?