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blue blazer

I very rarely by new clothes for myself. Number one, they’re expensive, and number two, it promotes  textile waste. And I’m not a super fashion saavy mama, anyway, so I have my own eclectic style. I took a little trip to Goodwill yesterday in search for some fall clothes and found some cute pieces,
like the little blue blazer above. I think it might need a little taking in, but I’m up for the challenge, and I couldn’t resist the great color or the $5 price tag. 

belt and jeans

I also grabbed a leather belt by Calvin Klein for $1.50 and a pair of Gap jeans for $9.99 (why don’t they just say $10?). I’m thinking of altering the jeans into skinny jeans so I can wear them with my boots; we’ll see if that happens.
knitted dress

I also found this little gray knitted dress. Cute and cozy for $6. 

trina turk dress

And the steal of the day turned out to be this little blue and pink eyelet dress by Trina Turk for $6. I looked up the designer and turns out her dresses usually range from $200 to $300! I have no idea how much this one originally was, but it fits like a glove and I’m in love!

So for about $30 I found some fun new pieces to add to my closet! Any favorite thrift-store finds lately?

By the way, did you know that many thrift stores participate in textile recycling programs? Make sure you donate instead of throwing away!