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We start the New Year off tomorrow–are you ready? I can’t wait to see what this year brings. And thanks to all of you for being such awesome readers! I love reading all your great comments and hearing about the creative things you’re up to. I thought I’d recap some of my favorite and most popular posts of 2011:
1.  Mason Jar Roundup  A collection of different ways to use old Mason jars. For some reason this is my second highest ranking post–I guess you guys have a lot of jars, too, huh?
2. Crocheted Girl’s Robe  My very first crocheted garment–very proud of this one, and it still fits (Eleanor, not me)!
3. Lazy Hem How-To  This one ranks number one on Maker Mama. Part of the Mend Along series. 
4. Spring Greening Series  A big undertaking, but learned a lot and shared some fun giveaways!
5. Birthday Boy Pajamas  Here I shared my first pair of kids’ pjs. I probably picked out the craziest pattern to work with, but they turned out (unfortunately they don’t still fit). 
6. Resale Over Retail  A fun look at some of my favorite thrifty finds, and four reasons why you should get thrifty, too. 
7. Thrift Store Party Plates  Another thrifty find to aid in greener living–no more paper plate parties!
8. Last-Chance Beach Trip  A simple, fun family trip.
9. Dressmaking Debut  After all my years of sewing, I finally made a dress for myself!
10. Princess Hat Tutorial  A fun little tutorial for Halloween. 
11. Catherine Stitch Cowl  My favorite crochet project of the year. 
12. Paper Ball Ornament Tutorial  My all-time favorite Christmas ornament, and a reader favorite, too!
It brings me peace to look back and see how fruitful life truly is. I’ve had a great time sharing with all of you this year and hope to have as much fun in 2012. What are your favorite memories of 2011? Any posts that you enjoyed the most? Enjoy the New Year everyone!