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Today I am excited to host a giveaway of not only one, but two copies of the wonderfully amazing book, All Together Singing in the Kitchen, by Nerissa and Katryna Nields from Roost Books. Roost also published Made to Play! and The Rhythm of Family, two more favorites of mine that you may already love, too.

As you may have guessed, All Together Singing is all about how to become a musical family. And the Nield Sisters, although musicians themselves, are very down to earth when they say you don’t have to have any musical experience at all to appreciate music as a family. 
The book begins with a foreword by children’s music icon, Dan Zanes, and I was immediately drawn into the transformative power of music. In Zanes’ own words:
When we play music with each other and for each other the world begins to look like a different place. Petty cares and fears fall away. Priorities become shaken and realigned, jokes become funnier and there are more of them, food tastes better and more people are willing to help clean up, differences fade away and similarities appear in unexpected ways, and we begin to experience a new sense of life’s best possibilities–musically, socially, creatively, and spiritually. Music remains the best deal in town.
Who couldn’t use a little more music in their lives?

makin' music

The Nield Sisters start the book off with simple tips on finding your own singing voice, keeping beat on small percussion instruments, and move all the way through dancing, playing musical games, writing your own family songs, and also include different methods of musical education, learning to play instruments, and creating your own musical family traditions. 
One of my favorite chapters is Everyday Songs. In it, Nerissa and Katryna talk about how they grew up with and used music to get through everyday tasks and emotions, from bath time, to clean-up time, to cheering-up songs and how to choose the perfect lullaby for you and your baby (you’re the one who’ll be singing it ten thousand times, after all!).
makin' music

Sprinkled throughout the book are songs (both classic folk and originals) and personal stories of their own childhood and experience in creating music with their children. Katryna and Nerissa are musical mothers, and as such, know just how to inspire parents to make music themselves in the midst of diapers and dishes, as well as how to help you bring out the music that’s just waiting to bubble up out of your own little ones.
makin' music
The book has not only inspired us to create our own musical renditions of songs like Do You Know the Muffin Man? and Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Skyler came up with Do You Know the Cyclops Mama? just this afternoon), but it’s also encouraged me to pick up the guitar and try a little music-making myself. I briefly attempted to play the guitar during high school, but never felt as motivated as I do now. The kids love hearing me play (no matter how terrible the player or simple the song), and it’s been great to practice with my son who’s also learning, and even enjoy a late-night “jam session” with my hubby.
makin' music
This book will be a long-time inspiration in creating our own family music, and to make it even better, it includes a CD in the back with 30 songs all talked about in the book. You can listen to all the songs here, or purchase your own copy of the book and CD at Roost Books or on Amazon. There is also a wonderful interview with Nerissa and Katryna on the Shambhala website (Shambhala is the publishing house that oversees Roost Books).

A big thanks to Roost Books for their generosity and such an inspiring book!

Two lucky Maker Mama readers will each receive a copy of All Together Singing in the Kitchen!

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Good luck!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. 

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“Excerpted from ALL TOGETHER SINGING IN THE KITCHEN by Nerissa Nields and Katryna Nields, (c) 2011.  Published by arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boston.”