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vintage patterns

One of the good things about friends and family knowing you’re a crafter, is that they often think of you when they want to declutter their own stashes. (I’m also a bit of a craft goods hoarder, so I have to be careful with how much I take in.) This week I was fortunate to receive the remnants of one such stash and found a handful of vintage sewing patterns I couldn’t resist sharing with you.
Now first, let me tell you, I’m not a big pattern-buyer. I don’t have anything against using patterns themselves. I just don’t like looking through giant pattern binders and then only being able to buy it in one size. I know, how lazy am I? But when it comes to vintage patterns, I just can’t resist their whimsy and cuteness. Here’s what I got my lucky hands on this week:

60s girls dress

This one is for a girl’s Jiffy dress by Simplicity circa 1969. I think what I love most about this one are the color and embellishment choices in the illustration. It’s for a girl’s size 7, so I can definitely hold onto this one for future use.

vintage men's robe

There’s no copyright date on this one, but with two of the models posed with a pipe and cigarrette, I’m guessing 50s or early 60s, maybe? Plus the price is only at fifty cents (the previous one was sixty-five). Chris says he may actually wear a robe if I sewed one for him.

vintage apron

And this sweet little apron pattern doesn’t have a date on it either, but aren’t they cute? I like the white polka dot one, I’m not sure if I could go for ruffles.

vintage boy's pajamas

And this one has to be my favorite, just for the illustration. It’s a boy’s size 12 pattern from 1959 which I’d likely use as the boys get bigger, but if anything else I think it would look great in a frame!

Have you sewn with vintage patterns before? Any secret stashes out there?

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