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So today marks the beginning of Lent. A day where many of us will be giving up sweets or social media, setting aside more time for prayer or a coin jar for almsgiving. In the past our family has done things like giving up t.v., or adding a daily family prayer time. This year I’ll be getting more sleep.

Not sleeping-in-on-Saturdays kind of sleep. More like taming-the-inner-night-owl sleep. Giving myself an actual bedtime. Sacrificing those wee hours of the night when I’d normally be prowling Pinterest for the latest and greatest crafty idea, or putting the pedal to the metal on my sewing machine.

This may not seem like an über spiritual thing be doing for Lent, but it’s something I’ve been feeling really convicted about lately. You see, I turn into a sloth/mommy-monster when I haven’t had a good night’s sleep (that’s most nights) and the kids are awake before 7 a.m. (most mornings). And I don’t want to be that.

Little Family

We all have a God-given vocation–or calling–in life, and mine is that of a wife and mother (among many other things), but these two callings are the most important. I do treasure the quiet time in the house at night when I can craft, write, and pin to my heart’s content, but moderation in all things, no? Going on about being a night owl may seem silly to some, but it has it’s snowball effect. I want to be the best mother, wife, and woman of God that I can be. And right now that means learning to let go of the days and finding rest so that those around me may find peace and rest in me as well.

Whether you’re Catholic, Protestant, or none of the above, I think we all strive to better ourselves in life, don’t we? How do you hope to become a better mother/father/partner/friend/human being? What challenge is life giving you that’s making you stretch?