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crochet coin purse

I’m excited (and relieved) to finally show you what I’ve been working on this past month. If you follow on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve already seen a few sneak peeks (my screen name is makermama on both).

crochet coin purse
And now you can find these sweet little purses in my Etsy shop. They’re crocheted in single stitch with Bamboo Ewe by Stitch Nation in Mercury and Beach Glass, and fully lined with some vintage calico prints. 
crochet coin purse
There was definitely a lot of work that went into making the purses, but they were a labor of love. I’d been looking for a pattern for a crochet coin purse like this, but couldn’t find anything I liked–so I made my own and couldn’t resist making some more to share with you guys. (I hold my lip balm and mini hard lotion in mine and carry it in my purse at all times.)

I got the yarn and metal frames at my local JoAnn’s, and was inspired by the Pantone Spring Color Report in picking out the yarn colors. I followed an assembly line process in making the purses (sort of–I wasn’t quite as machine-like), and completed each part of the bags before going onto the next step. So first I did all the crocheting, then cut and sewed all the lining fabric, hand sewed all the linings to the crochet, and then wrapped things up by hand sewing the finished purses to the frames. All of this was done in small doses here and there–naptime, playtime (when the kids kept each other busy) and late at night while listening to CraftSanity podcast archives (my favorite).

I would have loved to have made 20 more purses, but even I’m not quite that industrious. There are only five available in the shop, so stop by soon to get one before they’re gone! Stay tuned for more projects I have underway for the shop (and follow me on Instagram and Twitter under @makermama for more sneak peeks).