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 Instagram collage

For someone as photo-obsessed as I am, it’s about darn time that I hopped on the Instagram boat. I think I downloaded the app a couple years ago, but then realized that I had to create an account, and just didn’t want to mess with “all of that.” Well, that was a huge mistake. I’m head over heels for Instagram now.

Just arrived #iphoneography #camera

What makes it even more fun are these little phone lenses that I ordered the other week. I haven’t taken photos with anything else since–including the photos on my blog (starting with this post). My poor SLR has been getting dusty on the shelf. I’m sure I’ll show it some love again soon…eventually?

I love seeing everyone’s photos–it’s an unending source of eye-candy, really. And I also get to see a different side of some of my favorite bloggers: Simple Mom, The Crafty Chica, Wendolonia, and Elsie Marley

So, if you’re on Instagram, look me up @makermama, I’d love to drool over your photos. (And if you’re not on yet, and can be, get on quick–you’re missing out on all the fun!)