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Thrift Town

I was itching to pay a visit to my local Thrift Town earlier this week, and since it was so close to my friend Claire we made a morning out of it.
Claire writes over at The Half-Hearted Housewife, and despite the title of her blog, she’s an amazing mother and wife, camping out with her kids in their living room, planning surprise Valentine’s day breakfasts, and venturing into homeschooling with her five-year-old. She’s walking proof that you can be totally invested in your family without having to let a few dishes in the sink drag you down!

Thrift Town

So off we went to Thrift Town. I only had Amelia with me at the time, so it was definitely a little easier for me to peruse through the store. We made our way through housewares, books, and toys. I was very tempted by an early American needlework book and pattern kit, but I wasn’t liking the $7 price tag, and figured it probably wasn’t something I’d actually end up using anytime soon.

After a quick trip to the restroom (while Amelia waited and wailed with Claire and the boys), and pulling out the lollipops stashed in my purse to buy us a little more time, I wandered through the clothing section.  It was one of the more organized thrift stores I’ve been to in a while, they even had an “After 5” rack in the dress section (that made me chuckle). I tried on a couple of blouses, but didn’t buy them in the end.

I probably could have stayed for quite a while (or as long as Amelia lasted), but I could tell Claire was ready to get the boys home (she made a mad dash for the register and waited outside while I trailed through the last couple of clothes racks). It’s definitely not easy doing any kind of shopping with kids in tow (I usually avoid it at all costs), let alone thrift store shopping.

Pattern Drafting Book

In the end I ditched the needlework book and decided on this $2 pattern drafting book. It’s a hard thing for me to walk out of a thrift store empty handed, but I was proud of myself for not buying something I wouldn’t use.

Thrift store find: vintage pattern making book

And pretty soon I’ll look as great as these ladies with all the custom-made dresses I’ll be whipping up in my spare time anyway. Well, we’ll see about that. I had a good time out with a great friend, and hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two about drafting. Now let’s see how long I can stay away from the thrift store this time!