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Palm leaf cross

Today marks the first day of the Triduum (that’s Catholic talk for the three days before Easter Sunday), and I thought I’d share an update on my Lenten sacrifice this year (which was giving myself an earlier bedtime).

I was really great about sticking to my early(ish) bedtime…until I went on my little Craftcation…and there was a two-hour time difference…and bedtime went out the window…and then I came back and have had trouble sticking to it since!

Not that I’ve been staying up that much later, but I’ve definitely slipped up. And I’ve noticed when that happens. Even if I turn the light off only 30 minutes later, I’m still a little groggier in the morning. But it’s still been hard getting back on the train.

Going to bed early has done wonders for improving my mood in the mornings over all. But since getting back from my trip, I’ve found myself slipping into cram-it-all-in-mode rather than relaxing and letting the day go.

As a mama of four attempting to carve out a space for myself in the online crafting and blogging world, it’s easy to make myself feel like I have to be doing it all: networking through social media, keeping up-to-date on reading other blogs, researching ways to improve my blog/etsy shop/overall online presence. It’s easy to get sucked in and not actually get anything done. Like crafting. Or reflecting on my faith.

So, through my experience this Lent, I’ve not only learned the importance of taking better care of myself (and as a result, my family), but I’ve also learned that I need to spend a lot less time worrying about all the things I “should” be doing online (duh, Amy!) Of course I love blogging here and will continue to do so, but I’m going to give myself permission to not check in online every 30 minutes, and to be more productive off the screen.

Maybe none of you reading this can relate, but it’s good for me to be getting this out here. What unnecessary pressure do you put yourself under? Quick, leave a comment (very important first step), get off the computer, and go DO something! (And enjoy your Easter weekend, everyone!)