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I'm pretty sure this is wear my love of #vintage #suitcases began. (That's me with my mom in Germany).

Today I am 28-years-young. I’m not ashamed to admit my age, although it often makes other people uncomfortable. No, I don’t look like I’m old enough to have four kids already, but you can read that whole story here if you haven’t already.

That’s me with my mom in the photo above, and if you notice, she has a suitcase with her that I’d probably drool over now! (Yeah, I have a little thing for them!)

Anyway, I’m happy to be alive and blessed beyond measure and celebrating with you all here today! First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by my shop and entered the Mother’s Day drawstring bag giveaway–you’re awesome!

I wish I could give away a hundred bags but my sewing machine would probably burn out. Instead I thought I’d sharing the winning by offering a discount code for all my wonderful readers! So if you’ve been eyeing anything in the shop now’s the time to grab it! Enter the code MAY15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase (not including shipping) through Friday, May 18.

Now, without further ado here’s our giveaway winner:

Congrats b3moon–I wish I knew your name to give you a proper thanks for entering. Anyhow, I’ll be shooting you an email to get all your contact info, so keep an eye out!

Thanks again for all of you who entered and don’t forget to use the discount code MAY15 for 15% off at the Maker Mama shop!