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Last Week at the Maker Mama House: Summer Begins

Skyler’s official last day of school was last Wednesday and we’ve kicked it into high gear for summer!

The temperatures are rising down here in South Texas and we’re already looking for ways to cool off (not looking forward to the heat in August).

We took advantage of a free day and went to see Knufflebunny at the Magik Theatre (even ran into a friend and played at the park afterwards).

Summer is synonymous with baseball at our house. We’ve already had two practices and a game–Amelia and I keep each other company while daddy helps coach and the other three play.

I took some time out for a little thrifting, and wrote a post on the five things you should always buy from the thrift store (there are some heated debates going on in the comments over there!).

And here’s a sweet little apron I found on my thrifty excursion (uh-oh my vintage aprons are turning into another collection!).

We took a day-trip to Houston to visit Chris’ beloved grandparents. The kids love their time with them, and we were glad to see them again.

I gave Skyler a word search book and he’s just been devouring it! I loved word searches at his age and it’s fun to see him get so into them, too (and sharing all my secret tips!).

Saturday I was blessed to attend the Texas Blog Chat at the amazing home of Lisa Pennington (of The Pennington Point). Not only was the conference amazing (I’m already seeing results from some of the things I learned!) but Lisa’s home and family were completely inspiring. If you want to see what I mean, just check out her blog, or her Pennington Pinterest board–she’s a talented home decorator and an outstanding mother of 9!

And just as I was heading home Saturday night, I happened across the grand opening of a new local vintage shop, The Collective, on S. St. Mary’s (sorry I don’t have a site to link to). I popped in for just a minute and met the owner who turns out to be an old college classmate of mine–can’t wait to go back again!

How about you? Is your summer spinning already? Or are you kicking back and relaxing in the sun? Hope you all have a great week!