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life at the maker mama house

This last week was filled-to-the-brim with Vacation Bible School, sock kitty making, and construction on the house. Here’s the break down:

The kids all participated in VBS this week and I worked as a volunteer–it was a full five days but the kids had a blast (and I was pooped by the end).

During the mad dash of our days I often find Amelia settled in the middle of my path quietly looking at books–what a great reminder to stop and take life in! 

Chris tore down some old doors and windows with my grandpa in preparation for some new (old) windows Chris is putting in along my craft wall (I have a craft wall, not a room, if you ever wondered).

I finally finished up my sock kitties for the local consignment store they’re going to–I’ll share more details about that soon!

The phrase during VBS this week was to Trust God (I know the picture looks like it says ‘Trust Goo’)–no matter what happens, how you feel, or what others do–something I know I need reminding of!

Chris’ tools were stationed outside during all the construction and the kids loved playing with them every chance they could–the boys even had measuring tape races (who knew that was possible?).

I also had the honor of hanging out with a local MOPS group and talking about my crafty life while making a fun craft of our own.

Saturday night we went to the wedding of another firefighter couple we know (my mom watched the boys and my friend Emily watched the girls); it’s always nice celebrating a new marriage–and having a night out! 

And today we celebrated Father’s Day at church and with friends. We made it out to San Pedro Springs and Tycoon Flats for dinner–overall a great day.

I’m feeling pretty pooped as we start a new week, but hopefully things will slow down a little and I’ll catch my breath!

How about you? Any special Father’s Day celebrations or summer vacations happening on your side of the screen? Hope this week is a great one!