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I finally have the winners for the Craftsy giveaway….

Congratulations goes to Emily, Erin, and Kimberly, whom I’ve already contacted. Thank you to everyone who entered!

And just to get some feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts about giveaways here at Maker Mama. What products or brands are you most interested in hearing about? Are there any you wouldn’t be interested in? I love bringing giveaways to y’all, and just want to ensure it’s something that still interests my readers!

I’m also accepting sponsors at Maker Mama now. I even have a code for a free trial ad if you want to try it out! And thanks to my first sponsors, Coriosity and Wendolonia for their support for Maker Mama. By sponsoring Maker Mama, you’ll be helping my in my goal of growing the blog and supporting at least my crazy crafting and thrifting habits! 

The ads are run threw Passion Fruit Ads, which makes it super-simple both for me and my sponsors. Have questions? Check out my sponsor page!

I’m looking forward to sharing some great posts next week and hope y’all have a great weekend!