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Last Week at the Maker Mama House

We got our craft on and made some cardboard castles (by we I mean me and Mr. Maker), and the boys promptly splattered them with red paint to give them a “realistic war” look. *sigh*

Even though it’s summer it doesn’t mean sleeping in–Miss Amelia loves to jump in my bed as early as 6 from time to time.

Tediously made my first pom poms and transformed them into Angry Birds using this tutorial.

Enjoyed some carrots from our summer garden (not quite as fruitful as our winter/spring garden).

Saw a rainbow that reminded me to look at the bright side of things.

Said goodbye to my favorite local yarn store (the Yarn Barn isn’t closed yet, but you better stop by soon!).

Enjoyed another family game night (Chutes and Ladders this time).

Bought some thrifted wool sweaters to cut up for a craft project (sorry Gap).

And my soon to be nine-year-old has been helping me learn how to play chess (and this pdf for preschoolers helped a lot too).

What were the ups and downs of your week? Did you learn anything new?