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Last week during my busy life as a mama of four I enjoyed…

A family trip to the zoo on the HOTTEST day of the year. Yeah, we don’t watch a lot of t.v. (or weather reports as a result) and didn’t realize the heat index would be around 105! But we had plenty of water and sunscreen and stuck to the shade as much as possible. And I loved watching my little monkeys watching the zoo monkeys!

Painting the back wall of our house that we added refurbished windows and a new door to. We’re still adding some finishing touches, but I hope to have it all nice and prettied up for more photos soon! And thanks to everyone who complimented our color choice over on the Maker Mama Facebook, too!

Amelia learning how to make her own block towers. I have a basket in our kitchen to pull out when a distraction is needed. Her favorite part is knocking them down, of course!

Finding a new way to occupy the boys at the doctor’s office. We made an unexpected visit last week (not for anything serious) and luckily I had some pens in my purse for drawing on the table paper. Even if it only worked for two minutes, it’s definitely an idea to stash away in my bag of tricks!

Hunting down some awesome patriotic finds at the thrift store. You can find more about my thrifty 4th of July finds on my last post.

Watching the premiere episode of Craft Wars. There’s a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about whether the show is a good thing or not, by I really enjoyed it myself. And if you don’t have TLC on your t.v., you can purchase and view full Craft Wars episodes on Amazon at a really great price (that’s an affiliate link).

Sprucing up my home for the 4th of July. I even made my first free printable for a 4th of July bunting!

Throwing the very first SA Crafty Kids party with my bloggy friend Stacy of Kids Stuff World. It was a ton of work pulling everything together, but we had a blast–and can’t wait to do it again!

And trying out tie dye for the first time at our party. Thanks to Heather aka GeeketteBits for showing us how it’s done!

How about you? Try anything new this week? How are you beating the summer heat?