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Last Week at the Maker Mama House: Halfway through Summer

July is here and just as we’re finally getting settled into summer, it’s already halfway over! Here’s what we were up to last week:

I surprised Chris with a day trip to Shiner, Texas to check out the brewery and enjoyed celebrating with the kids later that evening…

The boys have learned how to play checkers and they love playing–it’s great finding new classics for the kids–and finding indoor alternatives to t.v.!

We busted out the sparklers for the 4th–even Amelia wanted to hold one!

I scored a new set of suitcases for under $5 (thanks to my brother for going back out to get them with me and taking this photo)! I might stop buying them one day…

We took another trip down to Houston. My husband’s elderly grandparents just moved to assisted living and were passing on some of the beloved items in their home. It was bittersweet knowing it would be our last time there, but we treasured being able to take some of the rich family history back home with us.

Chris and I took a much-needed date night out for coffee and a movie (Moonrise Kingdom was wonderful!).

Eleanor and Liam one their t-ball game this week. It’s funny, some days Eleanor doesn’t want to play and others she’s the first one dressed in her uniform–I love our little girl!

And last but not least we’ve welcomed a much-loved piano into our home (from Chris’ grandparents). The kids always loved playing it in Houston and it’s been such a gift to bring it home. And the boys and I already learned our first song (so what if it’s only Hot Cross Buns?)!

What memories have you been making this summer?

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