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Last week at the Maker Mama house

Sunday: It rained cats and dogs and made a ton of mud in our back yard, which of course the kids had to play in. We also made homemade playdough after they dried off.

Monday: I indulged Eleanor by painting her nails for the very first time.  I did buy a formaldehyde-free brand though. She picked the pink.

Monday night: A praying mantis brought me luck and helped me finish the giant curtains I’ve been working on for a friend! (I wish I had pictures, but now they’re moving to a new house–maybe I’ll get some when they hang them up there.)

Tuesday: The boys began chess club boot camp. They both started learning over the summer. Skyler’s pretty good, and Liam knows how to set the board up, but I think he’s more interested in being with his friends than actually learning to play–we’ll see how it goes.

Wednesday: The girls got eerily quite at one point during the day. Because they were coloring their faces with marker. Of course.

Wednesday night: After a long day and a promise of a one-hour make-your-own-top pattern, I thought I’d whip myself up a new blouse. Fail. I couldn’t fit my head through the neck-hole. I was too tired to try and fix it.

Thursday: Had some neighbors from down the street over for dinner (their new baby’s name is Meadow, isn’t that sweet?). I made this grape cake recipe and it was lip-smacking good. The grapes taste like cherries when they’re baked!

Friday: Absolutely nothing happened. Not really.

Saturday: Got my craft on for a new photo-tutorial I’m working on. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a good one!

How was your week? Anything exciting coming up this week?