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Last week at the Maker Mama House

Another colorful week at our house last week…

Still loving our wooden Noah’s Ark set by Haba. We bought it as a Christmas gift for the kids last year, and it’s still a favorite.

I’ve finally broken in my new red huaraches from Urban Outfitters. I love my thrifted ones, but they’re on their last legs, and I got these new ones on super-sale.

I was excited to find this toddler Romeo and Juliet counting book at our local library. (And thanks to Vanessa of Silly Eagle Books for telling me about the BabyLit books in the first place!)

Tried out this hand-holding discipline technique when my middle two started bickering. I think it’s a keeper.

Eleanor’s been showing more interest in playing the piano. I have the number of a local piano teacher that I promise I’m calling this week! Anyone have any favorite books for little piano learners?

Chris and I are preparing to update my cramped little crafting table (he’s already added castors to make it mobile–I can move it to the bright naturally-lit windows for photos now!). Stay tuned for more updates.

The pecans keep on falling in our backyard, and finding themselves in countless meals.

I finished patching up this vintage horse doll for a friend. I love the design so much–I might have to make one of my own!

And we kicked off the weekend by attending a birthday party in the rain. It was actually loads of fun. The kids came home soaked and muddy, but it’ll certainly be a favorite memory (I loved watching them scramble for piñata candy as the rain picked up again).

How was your week? What’s coming up this week?

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