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I used to be good about sharing my favorite crafty blogosphere finds of the week, and with all the pinning I do over on Pinterest, I thought I’d give it a go again. Here are my top four creative finds of the week:

This watercolor portrait tutorial from the talented Elise of Grow Creative just blows me away. And the idea that I could easily make one myself? Even better! Click on the link above for Elise’s full tutorial.

Halloween is still over a month away, but for we crafters (did I say that correctly?), you can never plan to soon. These DIY Monster Claws from contributer Caroline over at The Southern Institute immediately caught my eye, not only because of how cute they are, but also for their simple design. Make them now for the dress-up box, or an hour before trick-or-treating time, either way you’ll love how easy they are to make!

Two other crafts I fell in love with (but don’t have permission to reshare photos) are this DIY Dish Glove Elephant Purse from Handmade Charlotte (sounds odd, but it’s super-cute!), and a simple lampshade update with a permanent marker from A Little Glass Box.

What are your favorite crafty finds this week? Check out my favorite finds as I’m pinning them, I’d love to see what you’re pinning, too!