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 Enjoying the sun (and my new hat)

It seems like the last month of summer was a whirlwind of activity. As much as I love the easy going, up-in-the-air days of summer, it’s nice to be getting back into a routine with the start of school. Here’s to looking back at August and catching up on some weekly sharing:

Visiting family in Tulsa

The #birthday girl
Amelia turning two

And the Waldorf doll is done, just in time for the birthday girl! (Of course she was more excited about all the store bought toys, but it'll grow on her, just wait--at least that's what I'm telling myself!)
Finishing up her Waldorf doll (which I talked more about here).

Enjoying champagne and good company at @zgallerie @steet @hellomisha
Hanging out with my bloggy gal pal Stacy of KSW

Doing a little cleaning and rearranging in the girls room
Tidying up around the house (or at least the girls’ room)

Bathtime in the summer
Giving the kids sprinkler baths

Enjoying local sites

Day 66: They were a day late, but Skyler loves his gloves! #knitting #whatimade
Celebrating the birthday boy

Baby on the beach
A last-chance trip to the coast

The winning #craftwar project! Thanks for the inspiration @tlc and @michaelsstores! #craftparty #alamocrafters
Crafting it up for the Alamo Etsy Craft War

Liam and Skyler started kinder and 4th today--can't wait to see how their first day was! #backtoschool
Seeing the boys off on their first day of school (and Liam’s first day of kinder!)

Had fun hanging out with SA  Living host Alana and fellow mamas talking about #backtoschool on the show this morning!

How was the end of your summer? Any funny back-to-school stories?