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Yesterday morning we found out that my husband’s grandfather died. My husband was on his way out the door for work, the kids were finishing their breakfast, and I was gearing up for a day of baking. Chris’ grandfather, Pawpie as we call him, was nearly 100 and was a very beloved man.

We knew the end was coming soon for him, but it is always hard to hear when a loved one dies. Chris called work to tell them he’d be a little late, and we told the kids the news. The littlest ones didn’t quite understand, and after Liam saw his big brother upset he realized he’d never be able to see Pawpie again.

We gathered together in our prayer space with some photos of Pawpie, and prayed and talked about him and what it means when someone dies.

As we join family in giving thanks today, I’m sure there will be tears, but there will also be joy in the legacy that has been passed down.

Wherever you are this Thanksgiving, I hope that you share it with the ones you love, and remember how fortunate we are to have one another.

Happy Thanksgiving

P.S. I’m postponing the men’s and women’s gift guides to spend time with family and make plans for the funeral. Thank you for your understanding.