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A little behind this holiday season

So we’re a little behind on our Advent calendar and getting ready for Christmas this year. We’ve been making the print-out ornaments for The Truth in the Tinsel Advent activities and we’re only on day 10 (and only 7 ornaments are hung on my daughter’s garland above). I also have more gift-shopping to do, teacher gifts to make, and my Christmas cards haven’t been touched (I haven’t even found my address list yet!).

But everything’s fine.

It’s that time of year where there’s a whirlwind of activities and to-dos. I’ve found myself slowing down and that’s a good thing. We’re the ones who make this time of year crazy for ourselves, and oftentimes more exhausted when it’s all said and done, but I’m here to tell you it’s OK not to get caught up in all the frenzy this year. Take the time to be still and breathe it in.

Didn’t make the perfect teacher’s gift you were hoping to? Write a heartfelt card instead. Don’t have time to bake cookies for all your neighbors? Invite them over for a cup of coffee or spend an evening singing them Christmas carols with your family. Not going to get those photo cards out before Christmas? Send out New Year’s cards. I love still getting cards after Christmas–it makes the holiday season last longer!

In fact, I have some discount codes to help you make that last one happen! Tiny Prints has over 250 New Year’s card designs to choose from and you can customize them with your favorite family photos. So don’t stress about getting your cards out for Christmas if it’s just not possible to squeeze it in. Just grab a cup of hot cocoa, pick out your favorite Tiny Prints card, and add your photo. You can fill them out as the kids are playing with their new toys on Christmas–your New Year’s cards could even double as thank yous!

And here are those discount codes I promised: use promo code DEC20SW today to get 15% off and code HOLFS to get free shipping off orders of $49 or more.

I hope you take the time to de-stress and enjoy the holidays–how will you be slowing down this year?  

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