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Unstuck App Review

Stuck on a big decision? There’s an app for that!

Unstuck App Review
I don’t often blog about techie stuff here at Maker Mama, but I’m a big tech geek in real life (you almost have to be as a blogger), so I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite finds that I think you’ll love, too. 
I’ll start with this awesome free iPad app I just discovered called Unstuck. I found it while browsing in the app store and thought I’d give it a try. After opening it up and playing around, I think this app is relevant to just about anyone who has to make decisions (all of us), especially creatives.
Unstuck App Review
Unstuck does exactly what it’s name says, it helps you get unstuck by leading you through a series of questions, with room for you to type in your thoughts, select from relevant feelings, and more, all in the hopes of “diagnosing” your unique unstuck moment.
Unstuck App Review
Not only is this a clever app (it really helped me get unstuck about a few things I had on my mind), but the graphic design is clean, simple, and appealing. 
Unstuck is not just some multiple choice personality test; it works intuitively to help you in solving your particular problem. Once you’ve completed the steps, it identifies what kind of decision-maker you portray, such as the Waffler, Drifter, Reluctant Adapter, Fuzzy Forecaster, and Tunnel Visionary to name a few. 
The final step is a set of tools the app selects from to help you make your final decision–the getting unstuck moment. The Unstuck tool kit includes springboards like Get Your Game On, Map it Out, Shake Up Your Routine, and eight more tools designed for each of the different decision-maker types. And you can access these tools at anytime.
So for example I wasn’t sure about whether I should write this tech post or go ahead and put together my latest craft tutorial. The app guided me through how I was feeling about my stuck moment, naming it, finding my thoughts about it, and what I was doing about being stuck. After my diagnosis as a Waffler (flipping back and forth about my decision), it gave me a timed activity to help me weigh what was more important to me about the choice (what my readers would think, what I had time to work on, etc.). 
In the end, Unstuck helped me with making the decision to write my review about the app–wait a minute–did it have an ulterior motive here? 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Quit humming and hawing about that big (or little) decision on your plate and get Unstuck! 

(This review is not sponsored by Unstuck and I received no compensation for sharing it.)

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