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Luminaria 2013
Luminaria 2013
Chicken coop
Ready to Garden
Tree blossoms
Which way do we go?
Piggy back ride
Burger and Fries
Chicken Coop
Lovely Friends
Amelia flies a kite
Liam's kite flying pose
Paper bag kite

1&2. Giant lite brite at Luminaria.

3&4. Working on the chicken coop with the kids.

5. Picking out plants for the spring garden.

6. Unexpected haircutting.

7. Lots of reading.

8-11. Enjoying Government State Canyon Park.

9. Burger and fries.

10. The chicken coop is coming together.

11. Hanging out with my gal Claire of The Half-Hearted Housewife.

12-14. And lots of kite flying (check out this homemade kite tutorial we tried).

We kept things simple around here over the boy’s spring break. A few day trips, some work outside, staying up late, and just enjoying each other. How have you been celebrating spring?