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Screenshot | Maker Mama Shop

I’m holding my breathe and peeking through my hands as I publish this post. It almost feels like I’m taking that first jump into the pool, but I’m excited to be launching my new shop here on the blog today.

Shortly after starting my blog (or maybe it was right before) I opened up shop on Etsy. The shop wasn’t as succesful as I would have liked, so I’ve focused more on helping others get crafty with my tutorials and projects. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of new project ideas (or stop sharing them), but I’ve also been inspired by your support to get back to the making of things.

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into blogging, and it’s been weighing me down a bit lately. I’m a maker first, then a blogger. So in an effort to nourish my creativity and share my work with you beyond the computer screen, my renewed mission is to bring my love for all things handmade into, well, more hands. My hope is that there will be an awesome snowball affect–you guys will love my goodies, and I’ll continue making more! How does that sound?

Screenshot | Maker Mama Shop

To make this happen, I’m bringing the shop to the blog (see the button up there?). So you can read and support Maker Mama all in one place. I’m launching with some of my beloved sock kitties (which my kiddos have been begging to play with). I originally began making these as a way to give affordable, quality gifts at birthday parties. Now I want to give you the chance to enjoy them, too.

I purchase all of my socks secondhand (making sure to superwash them), using new materials for the rest (sewing and embroidery thread and polyfil stuffing). My heartstrings always pull in the direction of sustainability whenever I can–reusing materials instead of creating a demand for more is very important to me. Plus, it gives the kitties more character.

I have more handmade candy in the works and will share updates as I add more. I also have digital patterns and files so you can get your craft on and add some bling to your own blog (perler bead blog buttons coming soon). If there’s something special you’d like to see in the shop or you have a custom-order request, I’d love to hear from you. I’m here to spread the handmade love, will you join me? Come on in!