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Eleanor. #Portrait of a girl.
Eleanor, as most of you know, is my four-year-old daughter. I love taking pictures of my kids in the act of creating, so I thought I’d share some of those moments with you. As a creative mama, teaching my kids how to make is one of my biggest goals. But the funny thing I’ve found is that the best way to teach them, is to lead by example, and they soon find their own way. Here’s Eleanor. 

Maker Portrait | Eleanor
Just like any four-year-old, Eleanor loves to draw and write (or dictate) letters, stories, you name it. Her creations are very much an expression of her feelings–and her big heart. Above she’s drawing a get well card as fast as she can for her friend two houses down (she was getting ready to go to the doctor’s office and Eleanor wanted to make sure she got her note first). And I love the little letters she’s always writing me–forget all the envelopes she may use, the smiles they bring both of us are priceless. 
Maker Portrait | Eleanor
One of Eleanor’s more unique handmade past times is tying knots. With anything and everything. If there’s a dress with a detachable tie, that thing is coming off and becoming a gate for her bed, a puppy leash, party decorations, you name it. The ties sewn onto her dresses become intricate knot braids instead of bows. So this doll bed that required tying string was right up her alley. Friendship bracelets still take too long for her little hands, though.

Maker Portrait | Eleanor
And when I told her we could make necklaces from the shells we found on a recent beach trip, she reminded me as soon as we got home. I helped her out a little, and then she insisted on giving them away to friends.

Maker Portrait | Eleanor
Eleanor’s other favorite medium for creative expression? Her clothes, and most recently her socks. At first I thought she was just grabbing whatever socks she could find, but now it happens regularly enough that I’ve realized mismatched socks are just her thing. (As you can tell I’m not a big stickler for wardrobe rules.)

It’s such a privilege to witness the young girl Eleanor’s becoming. My heart swells with pride when I see her coming up with her own ideas. I hope she’ll always have a heart for making!

How do you inspire creativity in your kids and how do they inspire you?

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