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We’ve had our little Kia Rio for seven years now, and our love is still going strong. Chris and I bought it just before our wedding–it was our first “big purchase” together. And Skyler, who was two at the time, called it my race car. It made almost as much noise as a race car, too, with me driving at least. It was my first time driving standard full-time and I peeled out and ground the gears like crazy getting used to stick shift. I think I made the car dealer nervous driving it off the lot, but I made it!

I soon became a pro at driving it (without any race car noises) and it saw me through my last couple years of college, more kiddos, job changes, and moving into our first house.

We did have to add a minivan into the mix once Eleanor (our third) came along, but we’ve held onto our little Kia. It’s become my hubby’s car for the most part now–he drives it to and from work at the fire station.

But it’s still my go-to car when I’m running errands or headed to my favorite coffee shop to do some bloggy work. It’s also our date night car, our spend some one-on-one with the kids car. Our see-how-many-(reusable)-grocery-bags-we-can-stuff-into-the-car car. My girls night out, and save some money on gas car. My quick run to the craft and thrift store car. I guess you could say my Kia has been like a best friend who’s always there car.

This baby ain’t going nowhere. And if she can keep going another seven years (do I dare call it a she??), this little Kia just might see us through Skyler learning to drive–yikes! Somehow, I think she just might hold on. No more race car noises though! 

Do you have a favorite car that’s zipped through the years with you? What are your favorite memories in it? 

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