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I can’t help but bring home my own armful of children’s book whenever we go to the library, and this week was no different. I convinced the kids to sit down and read a couple with me and they had us feeling warm and fuzzy, and giggling with delight as we repeated the silly phrases again and again. Want in on the laughter and warm fuzzies? I thought so. Here are my two favorite picks of the week:


“A face is so you can make faces,” and “Hands are to make things,” may seem like common sense, but Maurice Sendak brings Ruth Krauss’ childlike observations to life with his whimsical illustrations. A lovely celebration of the Amelia Bedelia-like reasoning children often have–did you know that “a tablespoon is to eat a table with”?

Open House for Butterflies

“A good thing to know is what a punch in the nose feels like in case somebody asks Do you want a punch in the nose?” Imagine that coupled with two pages filled of kids flying through the air while punching their own noses–just the type of silliness to brighten anyone’s day (just don’t encourage any real nose-punching to go with it!). 

Be sure to keep an eye out for these two at the library, or add them to your own collection and pull them down whenever you need a good sigh and a laugh. 

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