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Skyler is turning 10 tomorrow. I became a mama at 19 and couldn't imagine how I'd survive. Now I can't believe how #blessed I've been! Happy #birthday sweet Skyler you're one amazing boy! #cake #candles #nofilter

Two pretty big things happened this week. First off, Skyler turned 10. I can’t believe it! I wish I could some share some super-insightful thoughts about the last ten years, but I’m lost for words. I shared more about my story of becoming a teenage mother here, and it’s mindblowing to think that he’s already halfway to adulthood! I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter boy, and I can only imagine the amazing things he’ll be doing in the next ten years.

Two eggs! So exciting they started laying on Skyler's birthday!

The other big news of the week is that the chickens started laying–and on Skyler’s birthday! It’s been like Christmas everyday going out to peek in the coop for more eggs. Only three of the hens are laying right now, and so far we have eight eggs since Tuesday (the third just started laying yesterday). We haven’t used any of them yet. We have a few more store-bought eggs to go through, and I kind of feel like we have to make something special with the new ones, you know?

Well, that’s our big news of the week, what’s been going on at your house?

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