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I guess they’ve been around for a while now, but I saw my first pair of large googly eyes in the dollar aisle at Target the other week. They screamed at me to pick them up, and as soon as I did it clicked–I can make these bigger! So I prowled through some of my favorite thrift stores looking for just the supplies I needed. Can you guess what I found to make my giant googly eyes?

Yep, clocks. I kind of having a thing for repurposing thrifted clocks. And they’re really easy to take apart. Pop off the plastic cover, take the arms off, and pull the mechanism out from the back.


Use some white spray paint made for use on plastic, cut out some black card stock for the pupil, and then pop the cover back on (it kind of looks like a contact lens, doesn’t it?).

DIY giant Googly eyes

I’m still looking for the perfect place to hang these guys, but they’re perfect for Halloween just around the corner. Where would you put yours?

P.S. Want to get started asap on your own giant googly eyes? Order your supplies on Amazon and get them in 2 days with Prime shipping (it’s definitely saved me a time or two). The images below are affiliate links–thanks for supporting Maker Mama!

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