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Remade | Thrifted Dress to Girl's Paper Bag Skirt

Remade | Thrifted Dress to Girl's Paper Bag Skirt

Thrift Store Dress Redo

This post is sponsored by Goodwill SA.

We’re celebrating this little lady’s 5th birthday today, and I always feel inspired to whip up something special for the kids around their big days. This week it was a new skirt made from a dress at Goodwill.

I was drawn to the fabric (aren’t those open polka dots cute?), but it wasn’t quite the dress for me. I chopped off the top, folded the top edge over, added a casing for elastic, and discovered a pretty cute skirt at the end of it all! Oh, and the birthday girl made a special request for some pockets, so of course I had to add some of those. I remade another dress for Amelia that I’ll share with you soon, too.

What have you found at the thrift store lately? Done any fun upcycling projects?

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