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A moment of joy in the midst of chaos. What was your breath of fresh air today? #outdoorplay #playmatters #latergram
Sweeping like a rock star
Tennis with this guy this morning. Can't see it here, but he was getting pretty frustrated. It's definitely a challenge, but really hoping to work with him on seeing the glass half full this year. #playmatters #lifelessons #homeschool
chickens laying eggs in compost
Drawing with Children
Last week left me a little wiped out, but after a wonderful breeze over the weekend, this week was much more friendly (although it did get back up into the 90s here).
We’re settling into our homeschool routine, which includes plenty of time for play. We’ve also enjoyed exploring static electricity and have been inspired by Mona Brookes’ Drawing with Kids–we even bought fancy new drawing pens and the kids have been begging to draw. I first found this great book–which promotes drawing as a skill that can be learned from an early age just like piano or dancing–via The Artful Parent.
I’m enjoying the slower pace of living (although we still have our fair share of running around). And being here to see the little triumphs. Of course there are ups and downs between all the photos, but it’s become easier to breathe and go with the flow, making adjustments as they’re needed. Overall ife is good and I’m thankful. What are you grateful for this week?
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