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First day of homeschool

Amelia loves pretending to clean at the new sink (that now has running water!). I have to say I'm pretty excited about washing dishes tonight, too. Grateful for the luxury of water whenever we need it. #everydayfaves #kitchen #redo

Birthday streamers

Doctor's office


One of my new favorite things about #homeschool is that play dates are so much easier to plan--looking forward to new friendships with fellow homeschooling families this year! (Special thanks to @redwhiteandgrew for such a warm welcome, too!) #latergram

This week we kicked off our first year of homeschool. There have been some ups and downs, but overall I’m really enjoying it (I’m sure I’ll share deeper thoughts on it all soon–just still processing the experience so far!).

We got our new sink in and it’s so lovely to be doing dishes in the kitchen instead of the bathroom again! With this gorgeous sink hand-washing doesn’t seem as much of a chore (almost).

Miss Eleanor turned five this week (we’re having her party today), we paid a visit to the doctor (no one’s sick, just some well-checks), the kids have fallen back in love with the typewriter, and we’ve been enjoying our new homeschool playgroups. The local homeschool group has been so warm and welcoming–it’s made this week that much more enjoyable! I’m happy for the weekend and a little time to debrief about how the week went and what we might try next week.

Some things from around the web that have either made my life better and inspired me this week:

Sparkle Stories
I first heard about Sparkle Stories through Simple Mom. We’ve been listening to audiobooks for a while now with the kids–mostly during long road trips. At first I wasn’t sure about how short they are (most of the stories are about 15-20 minutes), but after listening to several of their free podcasts in iTunes, I look forward to listening to them as much as my kids do. They’re perfect for riding across town in the car, or just for some down time at home. The stories leave us feeling refreshed and inspired to explore, play, and talk about new things together–I have a feeling Sparkle Stories are going to be around for a while at our house (even my ten-year-old loves them)!

Be a Peacemaker: Teach Your Child to Find Peace In and Out *Affiliate Link*
The kids and I just sat down today to watch the video and try out the activities in this ecourse from Playful Learning. Peace is one of things that I think every mama hopes to encourage in their home, but it can be hard to talk about concretely. This ecourse (with some awesome printables) does an excellent job helping kids and parents talk about what being a peacemaker means. I also interviewed Playful Learning founder Mariah last month, with a review about some of her other eLessons.

Six Ways to Clean a Penny: A Simple Science Experiment
I did this fun little experiment with the kids this week, and they absolutely loved it. I did, too–we had all the supplies on hand and it got them working as a team!

What’s new in your world this week?

P.S. Did you know I take all of my photos with my iPhone? Read more about Why I Ditched My SLR here!

P.P.S. Stop by San Antonio Mom Blogs for an interview with yours truly and read more about where I find my crafty inspiration–thanks so much for having me, Colleen!

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